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How to Teach Kids about Important Things in Life

Useful Skills They Will Need

I’m sure we can all agree that children are the most important people in our lives. They’re innocent and their world is so simple, yet they need to be taught about things like: what’s wrong and right, how to make friends, when they should go to bed, how much TV is too much…the list goes on! On this website I will share with you my top 10 tips for teaching kids about life’s important topics.

The first thing you need to do is get them involved in the conversation. They won’t hear a word you’re saying if they aren’t giving you their complete attention, so have some fun with it! For example: my son’s favorite game is when I pretend that he and I are spies on a mission together, trying to save the world from bad guys by gathering information about what makes people good or bad…we even use code names for each other! He always laughs hysterically during this activity which means we play it often because there’s nothing better than seeing his little face light up with joy :)


Another great way to keep your child engaged is through music & movement – It creates awesome memories of all-time fun times. Have him/her dance around the house with you to their favorite songs or act out scenes from their favorite movies.

Now that they’re paying attention, it’s time to start getting serious! The next step is to explain things in a way that they will understand. simplify the information as much as possible without leaving anything out important, and use examples that are relevant to them.

For example: when explaining what death is, you could say something like “Death is when our bodies stop working and we can no longer breathe.” You might also want to share an experience your child has had where someone died – this makes it more personal for them and easier for them to understand.